My “first” car.

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After the post about how life was in Italy, I’ve noticed I’ve had completely forgotten to talk about my “first” car.

As I said before, my passion for cars started there. Senna was unbeatable in F1 so was I in my imaginary races on my bedroom floor. Ok, once and a while I crashed the car on a breathtaking accident. But that was just because it’s boring when only one person wins everything. Nevertheless, I was just a human being.

But my dream was yet to become true.

I admit I don’t quite remember how did it happen, but it happened. There was a abandoned car in my relative’s yard and me, after a long time asking, got their “ok” to go there and play on it. Finally I would be able to sit on the cockpit, put my colorful helmet and deep rev.

Well, it wasn’t like that. If I could manage to step on the accelerator, I wouldn’t be able to use the steering wheel. Sitting I couldn’t see anything. So I decided to be a pioneer. I was the first-ever pilot to drive standing up. You bet I was! The accelerator pedal I fixed it. I could handle it mentally. The breaks? Never used them.

Unfortunately I was so fast, so fast, that no one could ever take a picture of me driving it. The only ones available are me and my sister – and I was teaching her how to drive it. And we could see that it wasn’t something natural. She was always quite bad at it.


Here, as we can see, the car – a Fiat 500 from God-knows-when? – was ready to enter the pits. I was helping my sister to correctly park the car, so the mechanics, that were too shy to appear in the picture, could change tyres and refuel the car.


At this one – unfortunately the last one taken – I was in the back seat to help my sister to drive the car away from the pits. As I said, she was quite bad at it. But I was always a cool brother and supported her. Notice that I am so cool that I even gave her my helmet, so se could feel how champs are.

It was an unforgettable day.

A few months later I had to abruptly end my promising racing career due to a surgery I had to make in my eye. I was born with strabismus. Brazil lost its arguably best pilot ever.

Since then I’ve been focusing my career as a broadcaster. I am still very promising.


2 thoughts on “My “first” car.

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  2. I hate to admit this and you will probably never want to speak to me again… but I feel personally responsible for Senna’s death… It was a few weeks before his accident, I was working at Heathrow Airport at the time covering a break for someone in the sweet shop, when the man himself walked in. Awestruck I asked him if I could help him. He said: “do you have any travel sweets?” I said I did and sold him a big tin full of them. Now it is my belief that during that fatal incident at Monza, Senna was sucking one of those sweets, then choked on it, causing him to loose concentration and veer off the road. There I’ve said it and hang my head in shame.

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