Automotive experiences, 1st part – The first memories.

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Iniciando uma “série” de relatos sobre as minhas experiências com carros, começo falando sobre as minhas primeiras lembranças automobilísticas.

I would like to talk about my previous experiences with cars. I start talking about my first memories.

I’m a middle-class person. I’ve always been. When I was born, in 1987, my parents, even with so-so jobs – if compared with their actual ones – were still in a better shape than much of the brazilian population. My mom was working in the public sector, in a very initial position, and my father was one of the owners of a building supply store – in a time when people weren’t buying stuff like that.

We could still manage to live a reasonable life and we even had a car, something that was impossible for those who weren’t middle-class – even if the lower middle-class. My mom and dad came from big and simple families and they were doubtless that even the little they had then was much more than what they had when in childhood.

The public sector, where my mom was working, gave her some good things, like school for my older sister and a maternity leave without the fear of losing her job. While my father was living the economical instability and the store was under real pressure.

I, obviously, don’t remember which car we had when I was born, but my father said was a VW Beetle. It was so old he didn’t remember the year very well – he assumes was 1971 – but the colour he did remember: white. This beetle has some history.

When I was still kicking my mom’s belly, we went to Santa Catarina state, in south of Brazil. My parentes used to say it was my first road trip. So sad I can’t remember it very well.

After the Beetle we had a Belina (a Ford car that was only made here, it was the station wagon version of the Corcel) and my father really loved that car. It was a 1982 version, much better than the previous car.

When I was only a year old, we were all going to my grandma’s house through a highway called Marginal Tietê. We were living 15 km away, in different neighborhoods of São Paulo. We lived in Pirituba and my granny in Penha. The road is crowded all day long since always. My father saw a Beetle from the Police coming very fast behind him. He gave he sign indicating he was going to change lanes, so the Police car (without the lights turned on, so it wasn’t chasing anyone) could overtake us. When my father was going to the lane on the right, the Police decided to overtake us through the same lane my father was going to. Result: a huge car crash and hopefully no one was hurt. Me and my sister were really scared and crying while my father was arguing with the Policeman. He was ironic and said “Go to the court and try to prove I was wrong. Maybe in 10 years they will pay you something”. And even 10 years later nothing happened. Ruined car and no money. Buhbye Belina.



The final detail: the Police Beetle was, literally, just fixed from a previous accident. It was the very first time it was on the road again. The picture above is from a police car from those times, but I’m not sure if it’s the same.

After the Belina we had a Brasília. The colour none of us really remember it. It was a car that, in my father words, “never left the garage”. Another Volkswagen old stood there. Even though, my first picture next to a car was with it. In the black and white picture we can’t really know what is the colour of the car, but I assume it was brown. Together with me is my older sister and out forever beloved Giuly, gently called Giulinha, out half dalmatian, half stray dog that only deceased in 2006, almost 17 years old. So this picture is from the last half of 1989. I was almost 3 years old already.



This car was our last one before we had to leave and go live in Italy. There the history was quite different.

In the next part I will tell more details about the cars we had in Italy and the reasons we had to move to another country.



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