Is this the one?

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I’ve been searching for the perfect car for the trip for ages. I remember a white Lada 2101 I found even before arriving in Vilnius, in 2010. I was stunned with the price (something around 300 euros) and I really thought about buying it. It would have been cool, but completely useless. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.

Weekly I search for new offers in Polish websites – country where I intend to buy the car. I found a green one 3 months ago. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. I’m a big fan of green (it’s the colour of the football club I support, Palmeiras). The price was somehow higher than what I was expecting to pay, 1500 euros. I left it in stand by and kept searching. Found anothers for lower prices. There were one quite interesting. “Younger” than the green one (the green one is 1981/1982), this one was 1988. Less than 60000 km and the reason: the car is owned by a disabled person that barely took it off the parking lot. In the offer he stated that no one has ever used the back seats. The price? 800 euros! My eyes were shinning and I asked my polish friend, Tomek, to contact the owner. He tried but couldn’t and a few days later the offer disappeared. But the green one is still there.

And for my surprise, I check it out and the price is 300 euros lower than before. Now the owner wants 1200 euros and says it’s possible to negotiate. So, is this the one?

The link for the offer is here.







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