25 years ago, 9 countries. Today, 22.

Twenty-five years ago, they were only nine countries. Now they are twenty-two. Communism has fallen. Cold War is over.

But, two and a half decades after this process started, what do western people think about these “new” countries?
If we take the image depicted in Hollywood movies, Cold War is still on. Everyone who was born east of Berlin is Russian. And they are all dumb and drunk. Girls are hot and easy to get. And communism isn’t really over.

Many of us are smart enough to understand Hollywood lost a great source of villains after the fall of communism (and now they are gradually being replaced by mad arab terrorists). But there are still a lot of people who think this is what really goes on at this part of the World.

Now there is a whole new generation of young people who didn’t live the communism. What do they know about those times? What do they think?

The goal of this trip is break the prejudice that there is just one culture and they are all the same, by showing that there are different cultures, languages, music and so on. And for that, these young people will be interviewed in an informal way, showing, with no pressure or political bias, their needs, desires, feelings about nowadays and communist times.

With this blog and the facebook page (, anyone interested in the idea can follow the trip. Also all tips and ideas are always welcome and will help to improve the trip. So, please, feel free to do so.

Thank you.


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